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Discover curated content for anyone with a vagina. Whether you’re suffering from a UTI, dealing with the worst period cramps in the world or are having confidence issues, we’re here to empower you and make you feel better! Collected from fellow bloggers and written from my own experiences, these posts are sure to help you through your life. 

9 Products To Reduce Your Anxiety Immediately

We’re living through a really stressful time, which means it’s likely that your anxiety is playing up. Sure, you have good days and bad days. But if the bad days are getting really bad, it might be time to start actively doing something about it.  If you’re anything like me, your anxiety is hugely affected…

Modibodi Are Changing The World

Listen up! This is a brand that I’m absolutely obsessed with: not only have they come up with a reliable, affordable, sustainable solution for anyone with a period, but they’re also changing the world. One pair of knickers at a time! Modibodi was founded in 2011 by Kristy Chong. She was experiencing leaks while training…

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