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Discover curated content for anyone with a vagina. Whether you’re suffering from a UTI, dealing with the worst period cramps in the world or are having confidence issues, we’re here to empower you and make you feel better! Collected from fellow bloggers and written from my own experiences, these posts are sure to help you through your life. 

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Social Media Detox Tips For A Healthier 2021

Social media is as good for you as it is bad. Humans are social animals, so it’s natural for us to want to stay connected and provide / ask for emotional support. And social media allows us to do that in creative ways.  Whether you’re posting photos with your friends on Facebook, sharing ways to…

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The Power Of Being A Feminist Muslim

These two things are not often associated. The first image that probably came to your mind when you read ‘Muslim Women’ was probably an oppressed, suppressed woman. That’s what most of society thinks of us anyway. Muslim women are painted as imprisoned and oppressed individuals by every form of media. We are damsels in distress,…

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