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Discover curated content for anyone with a vagina. Whether you’re suffering from a UTI, dealing with the worst period cramps in the world or are having confidence issues, we’re here to empower you and make you feel better! Collected from fellow bloggers and written from my own experiences, these posts are sure to help you through your life. 

How Do Periods Affect Mood?

Ever had a week where you felt really anxious and worried about what people were thinking of you? Maybe you felt like you couldn’t control your anger or felt like you could burst into tears every second. Then you get your period and feel much calmer! Well, hormone fluctuations through the month, especially right before…

Can Relationships Cause Anxiety?

There are many external and internal factors in life that can cause anxiety, but one professional believes we may be overlooking what exactly is causing it in today’s world and how we can treat and prevent it. Dr. Margaret Paul, a clinical psychologist with 50 years of experience, points her finger at romantic relationships as…

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