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Discover curated content for anyone with a vagina. Whether you’re suffering from a UTI, dealing with the worst period cramps in the world or are having confidence issues, we’re here to empower you and make you feel better! Collected from fellow bloggers and written from my own experiences, these posts are sure to help you through your life. 

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Why Do I Feel Guilty Setting Boundaries?

Are feelings of guilt stopping you from setting boundaries with people in your life, especially with people you love? These feelings of guilt can range from just feeling bad to even feeling acute shame which affects mental health.  Often, these feelings of guilt arise because you don’t believe that you should prioritise yourself over other…

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The Mirena Coil – My Experience

Like many women, I feel like a bit of a guinea pig when it comes to contraception. While all of the contraceptives I’ve tried ‘work’ (they prevented pregnancy), they can come with a whole host of side effects. After being advised to come off the pill by my GP due to migraines, I tested the…

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