The Best Perfume Products for Travel, according to Sarah Jossel

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Sunday Times Beauty Director, Sarah Jossel, recommends a wide range of perfume products on This Morning, all of which are perfect for travel. Whether you’re going on holiday or need something for your handbag, these products are great. Brands range from Jo Malone to Lancome and Armani.


1. Malin + Goetz Perfume Oil Rollerball

Malin + Goetz Perfume Oil Rollerball is streamline in design, making it the perfect addition to your handbag. The unisex scent also means it’s great for men and can easily fit into a suit pocket on special occasions. When applying this rollerball perfume, focus on the pulse points.

2. Jo Malone Scent to Go

Great for travel, Jo Malone’s Scent to Go is less of a perfume and more of a travel bag fragrance. Just pop the product into draws, suitcases or gym bags to keep you clothes smelling beautiful on-the go. Jo Malone do this product in a variety of fragrances, but opt for a fresh, unisex smell if you’re wearing another perfume too.

3. Lancome Idole Eau De Parfum

This brand new spritz fragrance by Lancome is the world’s thinnest fragrance bottle. The bottle isn’t designed to stand up because it’s meant to be ‘phone size’ and fit neatly into your pocket, making it ideal for travel. The brand has really thought about what their modern audience needs: the product holds 50ml of liquid (perfect for airport security) and is refillable.

4. Jo Loves Fragrance Perfume Gel

This brush-on perfume is great to carry around in your bag. It offers a stronger scent that doesn’t wear off because it’s applied directly to the skin, unlike a spritz which just goes everywhere!

5. Glossier You, Solid Perfume

Glossier You offers a solid perfume. This innovative fragrance is different on every person, depending on their natural aroma. Plus, the sleek, pebble-like packaging means it’s perfect for travel.

6. Giorgio Armani Si Perfumed Powder

This innovative perfume powder by Armani is of one of their most iconic fragrances (Armani Si) in powder form. It works just the same as any other perfume product – just pop it on your finger and rub it on your pulse points. Armani’s perfumed powder is the perfect handbag accessory and great for freshening up.

7. Scent Republik

With over 600 uses in one pen, this perfume by Scent Republik really packs a punch! Despite being small in stature, you don’t need much to be able to smell the fragrance.

8. Diptyque Perfumed Bracelet

Now for the most alternative product of the lot! The Diptyque Perfumed Bracelet comes out of the box a bit like dental floss. Just pull out the cord, cut it off and tie it around your wrist, either with a knot or using the clasp. Diptyque are usually known for their soaps and candles, but this fragranced jewellery is new to their range and has 30 uses. Just remember to take off the perfumed bracelet before a shower!

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