How To Feel Good About Yourself – Small Changes That Make A Big Difference

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Have you ever gone a couple weeks feeling really down and out about yourself? Like, everything seems to go wrong no matter what you do.

What if it’s been going on for years? What can you do when everything feels hopeless? Here are 10 easy things that will help make you feel good about yourself again:

1. Wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself.

This might be something that takes a while to figure out if this is a new idea, but the way we dress has a huge effect on how we feel day-to-day. Wearing clothes that make us feel confident and sexy or stylish and smart is important. You might focus on certain features of your body or personality in particular while choosing what to wear each day.

2. Spend time in nature every day

This can be as short as a five minute walk outside to feel the fresh air and get off of your screen. You’ll have a chance to look around you, appreciate the world, and appreciate that it’s going on without you being in it all the time. It will help calm you down and stay grounded within yourself while feeling less worried about things that are out of your control.

3. Cook your own food at home to save money and eat healthier meals.

Eating at restaurants every day or grabbing take-out might seem simpler or more fun, but cooking real food for yourself is really important for staying healthy and giving yourself the opportunity to make sure everything is organic, nutritious, and even vegan if that’s what works best for you. I always feel good when I know that I’ve eaten a meal with less salt which is good for the environment!

4. Get enough sleep each night

Before bed, establish a nightly routine for unwinding. If you’re tired, it’s harder to be happy and healthy. If you need help going to sleep at night or stretching out your day, find exercises online that make you feel more relaxed and drowsy as well as doing relaxing activities like taking warm baths, drinking herbal tea, and reading a book to wind down. Your body will thank you!

Remember that 8 hours of sleep is recommended for adults and 7 hours of sleep is recommended for high school students. Get the amount of rest that makes you feel good and happy! If you’re not sure how much sleep you should be getting either ask your doctor or search online because there are plenty of resources out there that will help turn things around.

5. Smile more often, it will help you feel better.

Whenever I catch myself frowning or looking upset about something I’m thinking about, I stop myself and force a smile because smiling relaxes tense facial muscles and makes other people think of good things too! People also tend to return smiles which is always nice 🙂

6. Make time for the things which are important to you

Whether you want to see the world or just spend time with your best buddy, it’s essential to remember what is truly essential in life so that you can be happy and at ease with how things are progressing. Remember, if you don’t take care of yourself well, nothing else will matter!

7. Eat a healthy breakfast every day.

Make sure you have enough energy for the day by starting it with a good breakfast. I love oatmeal with lots of fruit, but you might choose cereal or even something hot like pancakes! A good breakfast will keep you energised until lunch.

8. Take care of yourself

There are lots of ways you can take care of yourself.  You don’t have to have whole spa day to keep yourself feeling good. It could be a quick trip to get your nails done, giving yourself a pedicure at home or even just doing a face mask on the sofa! Any of these will help you feel good about yourself.

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