50 Powerful Affirmations To Change Your Mindset

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Affirmations are an incredible way to rewire your mind. If you’re anything like me, you can get stuck in a cycle of negative thoughts. This is, of course, affected by my monthly cycle, but I have found that positive affirmations can make the very low days less low and the confident days feeling as though you can take over the world (because you can!)

Negative thoughts can become self-fulfilling prophesies. In the same way, positive affirmations can too.

An affirmation is simply a positive statement to help you overcome self-sabotage and grow your confidence. Whether you’re a housewife, a student or someone trying to juggle a career and family, affirmations really can help you get through it all.

In fact, studies suggest that self-affirmations will help you to improve problem solving when you’re in stressful situations. This sort of exercise has also been proven to help women suffering from mental health problems like anxiety or depression.

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Best Positive Affirmations To Rewire Your Mind

Simple Affirmations

This collection of simple affirmations are perfect for first thing in the morning. I recommend that you hand write all of them onto paper and put them into a jar. Then read one a day, after you’re out of bed, possibly while you’re having breakfast. It really is the best way to start the day!

  1. I love myself
  2. I love my body
  3. I love my flaws, because they make me who I am
  4. I can achieve anything I want
  5. I am loved
  6. I am enough
  7. I am beautiful
  8. I am intelligent
  9. I am talented
  10. I am strong
  11. I am a good person
  12. I am powerful
  13. I am on my side
  14. I am confident
  15. I believe in myself
  16. I am worthy of happiness
  17. I am worthy of respect
  18. I am worthy of love
  19. I am worthy of growth
  20. I am worthy of time
  21. I am worthy of nice things
  22. I am worthy of new things
  23. I am worthy of sleep
  24. I am capable
  25. I am courageous 
  26. I am worthy of happy, loving relationships 
  27. I deserve to be a priority in my own life
  28. I deserve to be employed and paid for my time
  29. I have the power to create change
  30. I accept myself
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Affirmations To Relieve Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, you may find the below affirmations helpful. These can help to soothe those uncomfortable feelings and manage anxiety. 

  1. I am safe
  2. I will let go of the past and focus on my future
  3. I can change how I feel
  4. I choose thoughts which serve me
  5. I choose to be happy and full of joy
  6. I choose to see the good in everything
  7. I choose to protect and love my body
  8. I can choose how to live my life
  9. I never fail, I grow and learn which is a part of life
  10. I choose to see the good in everything

Affirmation Questions To Answer

For Brits in particular, it can be hard not to answer these sarcastically! Trust me, after a week or so of these, you’ll find yourself answering them more honestly. 

Answering these positive questions will help you to trace and remember the really good things in your life. That’s why I recommend doing these just before bed. They can help prevent those late-night guilty thoughts from seeping in. 

  1. Why am I so popular?
  2. Why am I so good at my job?
  3. Why am I so successful?
  4. Why am I so deserving of love?
  5. Why does this beautiful life come to me so easily?
  6. Why do I have so much luck in my life?
  7. Why are people so drawn to me? 
  8. Why do my friends and family love me so much?
  9. Why did I have a good day today?
  10. Why will tomorrow be an amazing day? 

Tailor Your Affirmations

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While this list is an excellent way to get started, make sure you curate some affirmations that are specific to your goals and how you’re feeling. 

Whether you’re looking for the belief in yourself that you can get a promotion or you’re just trying to grow your friend group, it’s important that you create tailored affirmations too. 

How To Practise Affirmations At Home

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You may feel silly at first, but it is important that you say these affirmations to yourself, out loud. In a mirror is even better. You may also choose to stick them on your wall, but you can also put them in a jar or vase and pick out one at a time. 

 However you go about getting them for the day, make sure:

  • You start with at least 3 minutes of affirmations, twice per day. Even if you take long pauses to begin with, stick at it!
  • Repeat each affirmation 10 times, with intention. 
  • Make your affirmation routine consistent. You should do them right after you’ve finished brushing your teeth, for example. It’s important that you embed this practise into your existing routine for it to work. 
  • Work to truly believe your affirmation. 
  • Be patient. Anyone with a menstrual cycle, in particular, will need to be patient with affirmations because your body is impacted weekly by changing hormones which impact mood and confidence too. 

How do you practise affirmations? Let me know in the comments below!


What is an affirmation?

An affirmation is a statement that you say to yourself which is very positive. They can help grow confidence, avoid self-sabotage and give someone courage.

What are examples of affirmations?

Examples of affirmations are ‘I am loved’ or ‘I am powerful’. You should tailor your own according to your goals for the best results.

Do affirmations work?

There are studies which show that affirmations do help to reduce anxiety and improve problem solving abilities.

Pin these affirmations for later!

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