How To Say ‘No!’ To Stress Through Positive Thinking

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We all know “Life is uncertain” and this is a fact. 

For some people, it may appear like a cakewalk on the outer edge, but we don’t know their struggles and hardships. 

Stress, tension, depression, etc are the problems being faced by all the people struggling to achieve  their targets in lives, be it some college degree or finding a job, or promotion, or maybe as simple as  university competition. 

Although stress keeps on reminding us of our targets, an uncontrolled amount of stress may lead to diseases like cardiac arrest, mental disorder,  digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, and many more. 

The good news is stress can be controlled. So, don’t worry and get ready for some action. By making small changes to our daily routine and habits we can easily train ourselves to handle stress,  keeping tension and depression at par. 

How Positive Thinking Helps To Fight Stress

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Before proceeding, we must learn the role of positive thinking and happiness in our life. Researchers have found positive thinking has a big impact on the happiness of a person positively impacting  mental and physical health. 

Positive thinking never means to ignore the circumstances. Instead to approach unpleasant situations with a positive attitude. Once we decide to be on the positive side, we stop seeking  excuses and start finding solutions, we accept challenges and stop behaving as losers. These challenges thrill the human mind and secrete good hormones for the human body. 

Ways To Implement Positive Thinking In Your Daily Routine 

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Before we begin the battle, we must understand the reasons why this started. To be more precise  understand the reasons and the symptoms of stress, which may vary from person to person. Some  people would have observed symptoms like heavy breathing, anger, frustration, panic, etc.  

We need to have a two-way approach to combat stress. One for instant action and the second to  build resistance over time by practicing daily habits. 

The best method for instant relief is, as soon as you discover being attacked by stress, start with  deep breathing and distract yourself completely from the situation. You may try the following for distracting-

  • Take a coffee/tea/juice break. 
  • Go out in fresh air for a walk. 
  • Talk to someone you like (friend, spouse, parents, etc). 
  • Listen to soothing music. 
  • Many dance it out (you may consider this awkward, but this works well for me). The list may go on… you can explore what helps best in your case. 

Reducing stress is as important as combating it. By following these practices daily, you can turn on your  positive thinking and hence reducing the stress.  

1. Practice Meditation

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Meditation helps in better connection of mind, body and soul. Your  physical health is hugely impacted by your mental health. 

As a beginner, you may face problems concentrating so I suggest starting with a guided meditation.  Joining a yoga club will also be a good idea to boost morale until you get into the habit. A  combination of yoga/exercise and meditation works best to cure the negativity. 

2. Practice Gratitude

practise gratitude by writing it down

Practicing gratitude will make you look at the blessings you have in life.  Often in the race to achieve bigger things, we neglect the smaller happiness. We never celebrate our  small achievements aiming for higher ones. 

Start with thanking for things that are making our life beautiful. Make a list and go through it daily  for a constant reminder of the beauties you have in life.  

3. Practice Forgiveness

forgiveness couple

Lots of people hurt themselves and others because they cannot forgive  what happened in the past. Letting go of the past and forgiving everyone including yourself will help  in making your heart calmer and hence more inclined towards positivity. 

Practice forgiving one person for what they did wrong to you and eradicate the hard feelings that  you have in your mind and heart for them. Accept things as they are. Allow yourself to make  mistakes at times.  

4. Practice Self-Love

woman with light up heart

Many people have low self-esteem, because of their body shape, size,  complexion, low grades in college, poor background, etc. One must understand whatever we own  belongs to us and abides by our happiness. If you, yourself will not love your appearance or your  possession, how can you expect anybody else to love you? 

Start with pampering yourself, boost your confidence with positive self-beliefs and affirmations.  Learn new skills to polish your personality. Be more confident.  

5. Make A To-Do-List

writing a to do list

Setting a goal is like giving direction to your life. I agree that life is  unpredictable but keeping some goals in life will make us motivated through our journey called life.

Begin with making small goals to big ones and focus to achieve them. Your goals may be some trips,  buying a dream house, building a dream project, etc. This will make you more creative keeping away  from negativity.  

6. Make A List Of Affirmations

morning affirmations with coffee and flowers

We can never be positive all the time, so we need to find ways to  bring us on track whenever we feel getting off-track. 

Making a list of positive affirmations, quotes that gives motivation will help in motivating. Maybe  watching some videos from motivational speakers can have the same impact.  

These ways will work but the only key to success is consistency. I agree that it is hard to begin but we  must push ourselves to move out of our comfort zones. Once displaced you will see amazing things  happening to you. You may fail time and again but never refrain from trying again.  

About the Writer

Poonam Sharma with her never give up attitude is passionate about solving issues whether personal or professional. She is on a mission to change the lives of millions by her writing.

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7 thoughts on “How To Say ‘No!’ To Stress Through Positive Thinking”

  1. This is all so true. Many people think positive thinking is just thinking positively but there’s more to that and you illustrated exactly what to do. Thank you for the gr at post!

  2. A great post with some excellent suggestions to put oneself in the right frame of mind. Positive thoughts and gratitude always bring positive things in and around you.

  3. This is such a helpful post! I incorporate a lot of these into my morning routine to set the tone for a good day! Incorporating meditation into my day has to be the most difficult for me. I either end up falling asleep or getting distracted by someone or something. Lol!

    • Hey! I agree to you in the beginning meditation may make you sleepy, try with some guided meditation or if u can go for group meditation. This is just to set you on pace, once this is done you will definitely like and experience the changes made in your life, also the flow of energy within.


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