100 Self-Care Ideas For Lockdown Because You Deserve It

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Slow down, take a breath, and repeat after me, “I deserve care as much as the next person, and no one can make me think otherwise.” Have you been neglecting yourself and putting everyone and everything else first? Thank goodness you’re here! 

Tending to yourself should always be on your priority list, no matter what. Just like a plant withers if neglected for a long time, an individual, too, withers and succumbs to difficult situations if they’re not physically and mentally nourished. Learning self-care is the first step toward loving yourself and coping with more stressful situations

If you cook healthy meals for your kids while surviving on pizza to save time, you are neglecting your body’s needs, something that can cost you in the long run. You may not feel it now, but you can gradually feel the irritation seeping in and stress slowly eating you out from the inside.

It’s exactly the same with your emotional health – if you don’t make yourself a priority, who will? By people-pleasing and putting everyone else first, you condition them into taking your time and care for granted. Self-love is not only for yourself but also for those around you. Your positive energy fuels their happiness and gives you enough energy to take care of them.

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Here is a list of a hundred self-care ideas, categorised by how you’re feeling that will go a long way to improve your mood and help you relax. 

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If You Are Looking For Quick Solutions!

  1. Deep breathing – You would be surprised how taking a few seconds to breathe will make you feel better. 
  2. Affirmations – Stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself that you are deserving of love, happiness and self-care.
  3. Meditate – Give yourself time to connect with your inner self. Hello, inner voice!
  4. Lie down – Nothing beats the joy of lying down and doing nothing, even if it’s just for five minutes!
  5. Get your earphones on – Music is the best therapy. Let the melody soothe you for some time, or get up and dance your heart out!
  6. Cry – Purge all the negative emotions you have been holding in. But (as my bestie reminds me) always drink water afterwards because you’ll be super dehydrated!
  7. Light scented candles – Create a relaxing atmosphere in your home and enjoy relaxing fragrances. 
  8. Stretch – Release tension from your body by completing a few simple stretches. This will help your body and mind relax. You can even follow this YouTube tutorial
  9. Drink a few glasses of water – Hydrate your body now!
  10. Dance – Seriously, no matter how bad you think you are at dancing, move your hips, wiggle, and let loose. Catharsis, baby!
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When You Finally Have Some Time

  1. Pedicure/Manicure – There’s nothing like a foot and hand massage to help you relax!
  2. Read – Pick up a book, magazine, journal, or memoir. You will be surprised at how better you feel after reading.
  3. Bubble Bath – Dim lights, candles, and some relaxing music. Best. Thing. Ever.
  4. Make a homemade face mask – Self-care comes with feeling good about how you feel about your looks. Get that face mask ready!
  5. Binge watch a series – Binge-watch those favorite movies and series to relax. But, don’t do it during exams!
  6. Take a long nap – The best thing you can do to yourself is curl up in bed, snuggle with the pillow and doze off to dreamland. Good night, world!
  7. Visit a Library – Even if you are not into reading, just visit the nearest library. The silence will have a significant effect on you.
  8. Go to a park – Fresh air, happy families, pets, and just pure energy around should lift your mood.
  9. Sit on the grass – There is something about the green bed and earth that keeps you grounded.
  10. Stargaze – Did I mention stargazing is the ultimate form of self-love?
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When You Are Looking For Fun

  1. Watch funny videos – The right use of YouTube will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. Watch all the funny videos you can find!
  2. Go to a standup comedy show – Stand up comedians have made our lives so much easier to live!
  3. Go to a fair – Who said Ferris Wheels are only for kids? Go on all the rides and enjoy the adrenaline shooting through your veins.
  4. Scroll through memes – Memes are the best creation in this world. Period.
  5. Dress up – Who said dressing up can’t be fun? Dress like your favorite Disney character or maybe like Dumbledore?
  6. Have a picnic – Picnics out on a sunny day away from the world sounds heavenly.
  7. Watch a funny movie – Hear me out! Funny (ridiculous) movies are a thing. No joke.
  8. Go party – If partying is your scene, who is anyone else to say no?
  9. Desserts please! – Comfort food is self-love 101. Change my mind!
  10. Make a fun playlist – Add all your favorite songs in a playlist and groove through the day.
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When You Are Overwhelmed

  1. Declutter your space – Clearing out all the junk from your personal space is healing.
  2. Remove things that you don’t need – Remove old clothes, books you don’t read, things you don’t want and donate them to a cause.
  3. Wash that laundry – Although this may not want to do this chore, getting it done will make you feel better and like you accomplished something for yourself!
  4. Do yoga – Yoga is a great way to let go and hold on, all at the same time.
  5. Delete junk mail – Delete junk mail and remove subscriptions you don’t need!
  6. Live a non-digital day – Turn off your phone and disappear from the digital world.
  7. Cancel appointments – Be brave enough to say no and take a day for yourself.
  8. Cook a meal – Learn to cook something new or cook what you cook best.
  9. Go swimming– Dive in and see how relaxing it is!
  10. Write affirmations– Write down the quotes that inspire you, that you love, or that motivate you on a post-it note. Then stick it to your bathroom mirror so you read them every morning!
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When you Want to be Productive

  1. Make the bed – Making the bed helps you take control of your day.
  2. Change the sheets – Fresh sheets. Fresh you.
  3. Go to bed early – Going to bed on time means you have already tackled the next day.
  4. Do something that you have been procrastinating about – Stop procrastination today.
  5. Set an hour aside to tidy – Put some music on and own that hour like a pro!
  6. Learn a new recipe – Learning a new recipe is one of the best productive self-care activities.
  7. Be creative – Write, paint, draw, create. Do anything that inspires your creativity.
  8. Schedule an appointment – Taking care of your body is necessary, whether you book a doctor’s appointment or an eyebrow threading! 
  9. Gain knowledge – Read fun facts, newspapers, or watch the news.
  10. Plan your career – Draw a roadmap for what’s next in your professional life.
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When You Feel Brave

  1. Let go – If you have been holding onto something or someone for too long, take your time and let go.
  2. Confront yourself – Ask yourself why you feel overwhelmed. Be objective and face your worries and anxieties.
  3. Write down your insecurities– Insecurity is our biggest enemy. Write them down. Challenge and overcome them one day at a time. 
  4. Write down the annoying tasks – Write down everything you’ve been putting off, then you can face them one-by-one. 
  5. Start a journal – Start letting your feelings out so you can talk about them.
  6. Work on the idea that won’t quit on you – Don’t stall. Start working today.
  7. Reach out to someone – It’s true that it is not easy to reach out, but a simple hello is a start!
  8. Prepare your bucket list – Bucket lists are essential to track your goals and achievements.
  9. Learn to say no – Start today and say no to things you don’t want to do.
  10. Get out of your comfort zone – Safe havens are the biggest hindrance to our growth. Get out and explore.
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When life gives you lemons… Retreat!

  1. Plan an extravagant vacation – Even if you cannot go now, you can always plan!
  2. Dream about your life 20 years from now – Life is unpredictable, but that does not mean you cannot dream.
  3. Write a letter to yourself – Be your own therapist.
  4. Talk to your loved ones – Honestly, no one can cheer you up like the person who loves you!
  5. Take a map and mark the places you want to visit – The world is at your feet. In this case, on a paper.
  6. Write down what you want to achieve in your life – A lifetime, you, and stationery. Nothing can go wrong!
  7. Order in – You are allowed to order in and not cook for the day.
  8. Shopping – Retail therapy, anyone?
  9. Create a happy collage – Create a Pinterest board of things that make you happy.
  10. Scream – Alright. This may not be the conventional self-care idea. But what crying can’t fix, screaming does!
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When You Hit Rock Bottom

  1. Forgive – Making mistakes, bad decisions, and embarrassing yourself is not the end of the world. Forgive yourself first.
  2. Depression is the cloud; you are the sky – It’s okay to feel gloomy but you have to remember that it’s a mental health problem, it’s not who you are. 
  3. Netflix – Friends, How I met your Mother, Big Bang Theory. They are here for you.
  4. Put your pajamas on – Pajamas should be declared as the ultimate comfort clothing.
  5. Feel good about yourself – Do something that makes you feel good about yourself.
  6. Watch the sunrise – There is something about the sunlight that feels hopeful, plus you’re guaranteed to fix your sleep schedule if you’re having difficulties.
  7. Research something – Research about something you have always wanted to know.
  8. Unfollow people – It is okay not to follow people whose profile makes you feel bad about yourself. It is worth it.
  9. Become a burrito – Wrap yourself in a blanket. Let the warmth seep into you.
  10. Learn when not to apologize – It is vital to learn when to apologize. But it is necessary to know when not to say sorry.
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Self Care for When you’re Bursting With Energy

  1. Eat something healthy – Eat a fruit, drink a vegetable smoothie or two.
  2. Eat some protein – Protein-rich diet gives you extra energy.
  3. Avoid Sugar – The last thing you need is a sugar high.
  4. Jog – Jogging will help channel any extra energy into your body. Sweat a little.
  5. Exercise – Not a runner? Any exercise will convert any extra energy into endorphins. 
  6. Watch your caffeine intake – Coffee is bliss. However, it is also the reason you can’t relax. 
  7. Take the stairs – If you have nowhere to be, take the stairs! 
  8. Channel your energy – Channel your energy into something which will help you later – clean your apartment, do the washing up or hoover. 
  9. Eat nuts – Indulge in some slow-releasing energy and calories.
  10. Get a massage – A massage will help your body relax and release the tight tension from your body.
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Self-Care Ideas For Parents

  1. Set a 30 minutes screen time – Give your children some screen time every day. While they are busy with their screen buddies, take that time to relax.
  2. Get into the bath with them – Sometimes, all you need are those happy, squealing moments in the tub with your kid to lift your mood.
  3. Go to the park with them – Park time is necessary for them as well as for you.
  4. Dance with your babies – Let go and become a child once again!
  5. Ask for help – There is nothing wrong with asking for help from your partner or parents when you need some time alone.
  6. When someone offers to babysit, never say no! – Leave your children in safe hands for a while and have fun on your own.
  7. Get in your PJs in the middle of the day – There is no rule for when you can or cannot wear sleepwear!
  8. Do yoga with your little ones – Yoga and giggles. What more do you need?
  9. Watch a movie together – You are never too old to watch Alice in Wonderland or Frozen.
  10. Solve puzzles with them – Solving puzzles is the best way to engage your child and relax.
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Phew! That’s one hell of a list of suggestions that may help you. Shower some self-love, and don’t let others force their ideas on you.

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