Best Tweets About Being Single In Lockdown (LOL)

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The jury is still out on whether it’s amazing or incredibly lonely to be single in lockdown. Maybe it’s a bit of both.

The girls, gays and theys have really found themselves during this time alone. And maybe we’re leaving lockdown with a better understanding of what will make us happy; an understanding of the emotional support we actually need.

Either way, it’s been a long, difficult and often strange time period where many of us have started hobbies we’ll never look at again and certainly invested more in adult toys than we have before. Here are the top tweets about being single during a pandemic.

1. Jessica is getting a little bitter…

2. Jealous of ducks

3. The woes of dating apps

4. One for people who don’t have housemates

5. This person who loves their bed more than any relationship

6. #blessed

7. We’re, like, really sick

8. It’s the wine, Moira

9. We appreciate the imagination

10. YES

11. The audacity!

12. The poem you always needed

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