Incredible & Easy Ways To Boost Your Immunity

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Now, more than ever, it’s important that you’re doing everything to help boost your immunity. But if you’re one of those people who feel run down often, or if your cold seem much worse than your friend’s, or if you just want to have more energy, these are the best ways to boost your immune system.

1. Get more sleep

If you struggle to get the right amount of sleep (7 to 9 hours for adults), you’re probably hurting your immunity. Help your body recover and promote optimal immune system function the following day by making sure you get the right amount of uninterrupted sleep. Top tricks to getting enough sleep are turning off electrical products at least an hour before bed, reading a book or even doing some meditation. If you really struggle to fall asleep, you could try this Deep Sleep Pillow Spray on Amazon, or this swanky Dodow Sleep Aid Device (with over 3,000 reviews!).

2. Take Your Vitamins!

There are lots of Vitamins which claim to help your immunity but registered dietitian Julia Zumpano recommends that you’re getting enough Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E. We’ve all heard of Vitamin C – it’s one of the biggest immune boosters. You can find this vitamin in oranges, grapefruits, broccoli and more! Vitamin B6 supports biochemical reactions in the immune system and can be found in chicken, cold water fish like tuna and chickpeas (great news if you love hummus!) Our final vitamin is Vitamin E which can be found in nuts, seeds and spinach. Vitamin E is important because it helps fight off infections!

If you’re struggling or worried about getting these vitamins in your diet, you can always take supplements:

3. Take Probiotics

Since 70% of your immune cells are in your gut, gut bacteria plays an important role in supporting your immunity. Over time, taking live bacterial supplements, or probiotics, have been proven to shorten the common cold and reduce the severity of the symptoms. Different probiotics have different effects, but it’s believed that a multi-strain probiotic is best, such as Bio-Kult Boosted.

4. Get Enough Exercise

Exercise is a powerful way to boost your immune system – it makes your antibodies and white blood cells circulate more rapidly, enabling them to detect and fight viruses and bacteria faster! Plus, being more active lowers stress hormones which can also increase your chances of getting sick. You might not always be tempted to go to the gym, but you can create a great exercise space at home and use apps to get around 30 to 60 minutes of exercise daily.

These days, you can get at-home exercise kit for a great price, like this Ultrasport F-Bike (with over 10,000 ratings on Amazon) or these resistance bands.

5. Reduce Stress

While it’s not always easy to identify where stress is coming from, or to realise you’re stressed until your stress levels are back down again, there are some easy ways to combat stress in your day to day life. You see, there’s a link between immunity and stress – when you’re very stressed or have bad anxiety, your body produces stress hormones which negatively impact your immune system. Research has found that people who are more stressed are more susceptible to getting the common cold.

The good news is that there are things you can do to reduce stress. These include getting more exercise (see above!), reducing your caffeine intake and writing down what’s making you stressed. Another way to reduce stress is via aromatherapy – calming scents like lavender, rose and bergamot can help you feel more relaxed on a day-to-day basis. Try this Yankee Lavender Candle!

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