11 Easy & Cheap Ways For Single Women To Have Fun When Home Alone

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The pandemic hasn’t been easy. But this has never been more true if you’re a single person who lives alone. How do I know? Because that has been my experience! 

Living alone really works for me. I’ve been in my little apartment for almost two years now and I absolutely love it here. Everything is organised in just the way I like and no one is going to tell me to do the washing up! 

Not to mention, I can come and go as I please and I feel as though I have much more control over my own time and energy. 

And then COVID-19 hit. My whole social life crashed and burned right before my eyes! I wasn’t chatting with the team in the office and I wasn’t going out for cocktails with the girlies! I did bubble with a close friend, but they weren’t always available. 

One study in the UK reported that 24% of adults had reported feeling lonely in November 2020, which can negatively impact mental health. So I knew I had to find some ways to keep myself entertained and ward off the loneliness. These cheap and easy things kept me going!

Play fun online games

This might not be expected of a socialite like myself, but fun online games really helped fill my quieter evenings! My favourite game is Pipe Mania, where you have to connect pipes from one end of the screen to the other before the water flows through (the water is on a timer!). But there’s also games on there to help with the speed that you type and even general brain training!

Click here to access the online games site I used. 

Arrange a Zoom quiz

Zoom quizzes with my family and friends really helped get me through the pandemic. It was great to see everyone on a Saturday night and properly catch up. It also helped people living alone, like myself and my grandad, to have social interaction with people who truly cared about us!

If you’re hosting a quiz, you can use existing questions which you can find online, or you can create your own. I usually do a mix, and a ‘who is older’ round between your family and popular celebrities always goes down a treat!

Have an indoor picnic

When family and friends aren’t available, it’s time to treat yourself. An indoor picnic is a really nice way to have a cute afternoon eating delicious food and enjoying the space that you created for yourself. 

You can buy your favorite foods for the picnic and even get out the picnic blanket to make it extra cottage-core!

Do a dance exercise class

There’s no better way of lifting spirits than doing exercise. Exercise releases endorphins which is the feel-good hormone. That can hugely lift your spirits!

Plus, dancing is an amazing way of shaking off any nervous energy that might have built up over days of being indoors. 

You can find free dance classes on YouTube or you can even join a live one!

Take photos of yourself

Being alone for long periods of time can affect your self confidence. So this is the time to start loving yourself! New research actually shows that people who take selfies report feeling more confident that those that don’t. 

And you don’t even need a ring light or a fancy camera to start snapping. Simply use your phone and strike a pose!

Have a cosy movie night

Turn the lights down low, get a cosy blanket and curl up on your sofa. Sometimes, you just need to forget about all the stresses in the world and lose yourself in a movie. 

There’s a whole host of films on Netflix and Amazon Prime, but I always go back to the classics I love like Dirty Dancing. 

Have a dance party on your own!

As previously mentioned, dancing can help you feel more relaxed. It actually activates the brain’s reward centre because you’re both loving the music you are listening to, and getting a little exercise!

And remember, dance parties are even better when you have full control over the music!

Take cuttings of existing plants and propagate them

If you’re a proud plant parent like myself, you might already be spending an immeasurable amount of time loving on your plants. But if you take cuttings and pop them in water, you can actually create more plants. 

This is a little scary the first time you do it, but I recommend taking a cutting from any vining plant first, because they do really well in water. Soon, you’ll be watching the roots grow and potting a whole new plant!

Pet owner? Make a cardboard fort for your animal

This is a super fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon and you’ll get flashbacks to your childhood. Whether you own a cat, dog or hamster (this probably won’t work with a fish!), you can make them a cardboard fort to play in!

You can even wait until the businesses put out their recycling and just take cardboard from there, making it a completely free activity!

Cat owners can get some inspiration here

Have a pamper session

Self care has never been more important! Book yourself in for a relaxing pamper session and treat yourself to a face mask, manicure and pedicure. If you want to go all-out, you can even add a hair mask to the mix too!

Discover 99 more self care ideas here.

Cook something for yourself that you’d usually only cook for other people

This is one of my favourites. As someone who loves cooking as is a bit of a ‘feeder’, I often don’t save my best dishes for myself. That might be because of portion size or because of the effort that I need to put into it. 

But what better way to show yourself that you’re worth the WORLD than to treat yourself the way you treat the people who love you? Cook the food that you usually save for your loved ones, take that time and effort for yourself!

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