Modibodi Leakproof Underwear – My Review!

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Modibodi were kind enough to gift me a couple of pairs of their leakproof underwear, so what better article to write than to review them for you! I love what they do and all of the causes they support, but it was a real pleasure to review these. Plus, the company is female founded. I’ve written about their social impact, like the #ThisTAXisPants Campaign here. 

First Impressions

modibodi box front
modibodi box back

I was super pleased to see these arrive in sustainable packaging. The cardboard boxes are very easy to recycle. Plus, you get all of the instructions right on the back of the box!

I received two pairs: one medium-heavy pair of low-rise pants, and a second medium-light pair of high rise ones. 

Wearing Them

Medium / Heavy

modibodi heavy undies

I wore the medium-heavy pair on the first day of my period. Those were the ones with the green/blue pattern. I was very pleased that they felt super secure when on and were very comfortable. I didn’t feel like they were going to leak and generally felt really secure. 

You should be aware that the fabric isn’t necessarily what you’re expecting – it’s more of a swimsuit type material. But they are still breathable and comfortable. But, as I’ve said before, if you’re prone to thrush, any period underwear might not be right for you. 

Although the undies were super comfortable, I am a sucker for VPL. And I had CRAZY VPL in these! But I think that’s the case for any full brief. Which actually makes these excellent for sleeping in. 

My only slight con with these were where the period part connected with the rest of the pant. It looks like they’re connected with something that’s a bit like plastic. While that does stop any leaks, it does have a tendency to pucker at the front. That’s fine if you’re in jeans (or in bed) but it did look a little odd under my lockdown leggings. 


medium undies modibodi

This high-waisted brief was incredibly comfortable and kept me feeling super secure. I love the colour and they are made from Bamboo Viscose, so you don’t have the swim-suit type feel that I had with the medium/heavy flow ones. 

Additionally, I didn’t experience any of the puckering that I experienced with the other pair. 

All in all, these were my favourite of the two, although I still experienced a little VPL still!

Washing Them

Both pairs were super easy to wash. You simply have to rinse them in cold water, wash them in cold water and then hang them out to dry. 

They dried really well and I look forward to using them on my next period!


I am obsessed with these leak-proof undies! Not only are they super comfortable, but they’re also reliable and great for the environment. I highly recommend that you buy a couple of pairs for your next cycle!

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