The Best Sustainable and Reliable Period Products in 2020

Fed up of throwing away all those plastic applicators every month and spending a fortune on day and night pads (even though you’ll only use half a pack of each and then lose them). Me too! These are the very best sustainable period products that you need to try.

1. Moon Cup

Not going to lie – weird at first and not necessarily convenient if your workplace doesn’t have individual toilets. But, hours of watching YouTube tutorial videos, combined with a handy bottle of water / only using your Moon Cup on lighter days means you’re soon to see your carbon footprint reduced by using the Moon Cup.

2. Thinx Period Underwear

Thinx are one of the best, most reliable reusable underwear brands. They offer a wide range of underwear for each level of flow, to get you through that whole week, without a problem. The price is a little high but it’s well worth it so long as you follow the washing instructions!

Note: if you’re particularly susceptible to thrush, this might not be the right product for you.

There are cheaper options for period underwear available on Amazon (click here) but I haven’t tried them and they’re not nearly as cute!

3. Reusable Sanitary Pads

These reusable pads have over 200 5* ratings on Amazon and come in lots of cute patterns. I’d imagine that these sanitary pads come in particularly useful at night, as they might be a little bulky for day use. One reviewer, Sophie S. left a great review, “They are very absorbent and easy to clean (just wash by hand or washing machine). They fold quite neatly into packages which measure 7cm x 10cm.”

4. Non Applicator Tampons

Not ready to ditch tampons altogether? That’s ok! If you’re always using applicators when you use tampons, why not try tampons without applicators? Just think how much plastic waste is created every cycle by plastic tampons which could be easily avoided. If you’re not ready to give up the applicator, you could also try tampons with cardboard applicators.

Now get out there and save the environment, one period at a time!


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