Why Do Relationships Fail?

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Why do relationships fail? That’s a question that many people ask and the answer varies and depends on the couple. There are, however, quite a few reasons why most relationships tend to fail. Today we will be discussing 10 of these reasons…

1) Lack of Communication

This is probably one of the biggest reasons for most marriages ending in divorce. Communication is the key to a happy relationship because it enables a couple to truly understand each other. When there is a lack of communication, it causes relationships to fail because people end up complaining and interpreting things the wrong way.

2) Cheating

This can be one of the biggest reasons relationships might fail. If your partner cheats on you, especially multiple times, chances are they aren’t committed to making things work with you. This sort of behaviour won’t help relationships for obvious reasons.

3) Lack of Trust

If your spouse doesn’t trust you, this will cause relationships to fail because both partners won’t be able to communicate effectively. Most relationships are built on the foundation of mutual trust – if there isn’t any trust between both parties, then there isn’t much chance that relationships will last.

4) No Romance

Life is busy. That means that romance can be difficult to come by, especially in relationships with partners who are busy. All relationships have their ups and downs, but if they aren’t worked on by both parties they will fail – this is because relationships require work in the form of communication to keep them strong.

5) Money Issues

If relationships are built on a foundation of both people working together to solve their problems then relationships won’t be able to thrive when money issues come into play. If you’re not earning enough for basic necessities your relationships will suffer – even if it’s just for this reason, it’s important that both people can financially provide for themselves and take care of each other.

6) Incompatible Goals or Values

This is connected to the failure of relationships due to a lack of compatibility in interests. When one person in the relationship wants children and the other does not, one person is a workaholic while another just wants a simple life, and so on. This can cause relationships to fail very easily if not dealt with properly.

7) Growing Apart

They say that every 7 years, you almost become a different person. Sometimes, couples simply outgrow each other. This is a reason why relationships for couples in their late 20s fail, especially when they have been together for a number of years.

8) Gaslighting and Abuse

Gaslighting is when you undermine your partner’s reality. It’s a controlling and abusive behaviour that is psychologically damaging. It might start out as a way to get the other person to do what you want, but it can quickly become a habit.

9) Getting too Comfortable with each Other

When relationships become comfortable, relationships begin to fail. There’s a reason why relationships only work when they’re kept fresh and new.

10) Falling out of Love/Lust

This is usually what happens in relationships that fail after the initial “honeymoon phase”. The kind of love where you can’t stop thinking about each other starts to fade away into nothingness. Couples might not even notice the decline, but it all depends on how much time they spend together during their relationship.

If you want to avoid relationships failing, there are definitely some things you can do. Don’t make assumptions in relationships, try not to fall into the comfort zone, and always show your S/O how much they mean to you.

Why do relationships fail? The number one reason relationships fail is that people don’t put much effort into fixing them when something goes wrong. This means that couples should work at their relationships if they want them to succeed. If you think your relationship is falling apart chances are it will probably fail unless both partners put forth the effort required to save it.

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