Can You Get a Wax on Your Period?

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A salon will not turn you away if you’re on your period, but a wax might be more painful than usual.

When you think of a Brazilian wax, it’s easy to imagine a bikini wax – taking only the hair off the front and back on the inner thighs. But not all brazilians are about bare skin. Some women opt for a landing strip or removing all of the hair down below. And while you might expect someone to not want to go through this while on their period, is there there any reason why they can’t?

Will a salon turn you away if you’re on your period?

It’s very unlikely that a salon  will turn you away simply if you’re on your period. Most wax-based hair removal techniques are not sensitive to the hormone changes in your body, so it shouldn’t make much of a difference. Although many women get waxes during their period, others do not. It’s definitely something to consider about before heading into that appointment though!

Do they need to do anything differently? Are there precautions I should take?

All you should do is make sure you wash before and ensure that you’re using a tampon or menstrual cup. No salon would wax someone under unsanitary conditions, but just being on your period doesn’t mean you can’t get a wax.

Will a wax hurt more because I’m on my period?

Women who are more sensitive to pain can certainly feel that their periods coincide with a time where it probably hurts more. However, waxing itself is never painless, even for those who aren’t menstruating. Don’t let your period change your plans! A little bit of discomfort won’t last long.

Are there any benefits of waxing while on my period?

There aren’t any benefits per-se, but you will find that any redness and swelling would have gone down by the time your period has ended


Don’t let your period stop you from getting a wax! If it hurts, just think of the end result. If you’re really worried about being more sensitive than usual, take Ibuprofen 20 minutes before leaving your house for some relief!

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