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Listen up! This is a brand that I’m absolutely obsessed with: not only have they come up with a reliable, affordable, sustainable solution for anyone with a period, but they’re also changing the world. One pair of knickers at a time!

Modibodi was founded in 2011 by Kristy Chong. She was experiencing leaks while training for a marathon following the birth of her second child. At the time, there wasn’t really anything on the market which catered to both periods and leaks. She knew that women’s underwear needed to change. So, over the course of two years, she designed, developed and tested the patented Modifier Technology which make Modibodi undies leak-proof!

As Modibodi have grown, they’ve also expanded their social impact. Most notably with their ‘Give a Pair’ scheme where anyone who buys a pair can donate another pair to help tackle period poverty in the UK. To date, Modibodi have donated more than 23,000 pairs worldwide; directly into the hands of women and girls who need them. The company aim to donate a whopping 100,000 in 2021.

“Period underwear has the capacity to drive fundamental change for the environment, significantly improve the quality of life and period dignity for millions of people around the world who may be struggling to access bathrooms or suffer a disability, whilst reducing waste and contributing positively to body confidence.”

Kristy Chong, CEO & Founder, Modibodi

The last year has been tough in the UK, and no one knows that more than NHS staff. Modibodi have also donated products to staff who have struggled to get bathroom breaks to change their period products.

#ThisTAXisPants Campaign

Modibodi have done a huge amount to advocate for social change both in the UK and across the world. Their latest campaign is to remove the tax added (20%) to essential period underwear – this was already removed in January for pads and tampons. But, oddly enough, not for the sustainable period solutions. The aim is to give anyone with a vagina the choice as to how we manage our menstrual cycle.

Plus, a decrease in the price of re-usable underwear will encourage more people to buy them, both helping the environment and the long-term cost of menstruating!

How Can You Help?

Modibodi are a brand that hold all the same values as #VagLife: they believe that gender equality is a fundamental human right, they believe that all women have a right to affordable period / leak products and that anyone with a vagina should be able to advocate for their body (including menstruation management!).

Support them by buying yourself a pair of undies at Modibodi and then donating a pair to someone in need. If you can’t afford to donate a pair, share the brand with your friends, your Aunt and your grandma – it’s important to get the word out that Modibodi, a UK-based brand, are here to inspire real change.

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