The Best Spicy Gifts For Her This Christmas (Adult Toy Special)

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The holidays are coming up soon, which means it is time to start shopping! To make the holiday season much merrier for your partner, consider buying her a Satisfyer. These toys are fun, sexy and can give her an extra oomph in bed! So why should you buy her a Satisfyer this Christmas? Here are 5 reasons:

1. The Satisfyer is perfect for her solo play time.

If your partner enjoys some solo play time, the Satisfyer Pro+ G-Spot is a great toy for her. It can help her achieve an orgasm quickly and easily. With its range of different settings and textures, she will be able to find the perfect one for her!

2. You can spice up your love life together

If you haven’t brought toys into your love life yet, you’re really missing out. A great toy will bring a whole new level to your love life and allow you to more deeply enjoy the journey rather than the destination. 

3. The Orgasm Gap

You may have heard of the pay gap, but not the orgasm gap. Women in heterosexual relationships, in particular are less likely to have an orgasm compared to their male counterparts. They’re also far less likely to finish compared to women in sam-sex relationships. You can close that gap with the Love Breeze

4. The app offers extra exciting features

The Satisfyer app will connect with toys that you buy, meaning you can control the rate of play with your voice or even her favourite song. Yes, you can actually have sex to your favourite songs! Read more about the app here. 

5. You can get something for yourself at the same time 

Why not add something for yourself to your basket too? Satisfyer offer lots of great products for men, including one which heats up and vibrates at the same time!

Adult toys are a fantastic gift for her this Christmas. If you happen to have time off work over the festive season, these will help bring you closer and really make the most of that time!

Just a quick final note – make sure you’re practising good sexual hygeine, expecuially when it comes to using toys, or you could experience some discomfort! 

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